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So you are off to an unbeaten path and have found your slice of heaven in solitude. You wanted to stay for a couple weeks for a much needed R & R. Or, perhaps you are thinking of the extra incomes from the second home on your sprawling property for your Airbnb guests. Or, it’s just simply another interesting place for you to visit then moving on. Imagine a house. A beautiful house with crown moldings and all the modern amenities. If you can just have one right there with you at that moment.

Introducing the patent pending Instant Home design concept. Instant Home is a full pledge luxury home on wheel. Designed as an extremely compact and light weight recreational vehicle so that Instant Home can be towed by an SUV or a truck. Instant Home is approximately 150 square feet of self- contained luxury home neatly packaged into a box of 16’ long and 7’ wide. Your home is available anywhere with just the push of the buttons. Check out both the towable model and the Mercedes Sprinter Class B model.

Comparing Instant HOME to the leading RV designs


Flying Cloud 19

Instant HOME

Flying Cloud 23CB

Overall Length




Overall Height




Interior Height

6′ 8″



Overall Width




Black Water Capacity

18 GAL

17 GAL

18 GAL

Grey Water Capacity

21 GAL

39 GAL

21 GAL

Fresh Water Capacity

23 GAL

40 GAL

39 GAL

Instant Home vs Airstream Color Background

Note: Images of Airstream ® floorplans are properties of Airstream ® being used for comparison purposes only.

Smaller footprint, yet we are larger than even a much bigger model in all aspects!

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