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Instant Home: The Future of Extreme Compact RV Design

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So you are off to an unbeaten path and have found your slice of heaven in solitude. You wanted to stay for a couple weeks for a much needed R & R.


Or, perhaps you are thinking of the extra incomes from the second home on your sprawling property for your Airbnb guests. Or, it’s just simply another interesting place for you to visit then moving on.

Imagine a house. A beautiful house with crown moldings and all the modern amenities. If you can just have one right there with you at that moment.

Introducing the patent pending Instant Home design concept. Instant Home is a full pledge luxury home on wheel. Designed as an extremely compact and light weight recreational vehicle so that Instant Home can be towed by an SUV or a truck. Instant Home is approximately 150 square feet of self- contained luxury home neatly packaged into a box of 16’ long and 7’ wide.

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Instant Home is the future of extreme compact RV design. Unlike the crampy styles of many RV on the market, Instant Home patent pending design departs from the conventional RV slide-out design. The slide-outs of Instant Home are designed as an integral part of the body structure itself. By pressing the extend buttons, the body of this tiny home actually expands out when parked to provide an equivalence of a luxury hotel room with room for up to four persons and will retract in to fit neatly in a box of 16’ long and 7’ wide for traveling when pressing the retract buttons.

Instant HOME is a fully self contained luxury home neatly packed into a box of 16′ long by 7′ wide.

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Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan

(*) All decorations are not part of the base price package. Please see Standard Equipment List for package details

Innovative Bath Area Partition

Partitioned Bath Area

Full Size Bath

Regular Queen Size Bed

Queen Bed

Bed Folds Away for an Open Floor Plan

Fold Away Bed

(*) All decorations are not part of the base price package. Please see Standard Equipment List for package details

Multi-Configuration Sofa, Dinette, Extra Bed Furniture

Multiconfiguration Sofa

Bunk Bed Option

Bunk Bed Option

(*) Please see price list for Bunk Bed option pricing


  1. Integrated Steel Frame body
  2. 5,200 lb. GVWR Flexiride Torsion Axle with Electric Brakes
  3. All Double Pane Thermal Windows
  4. Aluminum skin with 1 1/2 inch foam insulation
  5. Polished Aluminum Wheels
  6. Copper plumbing
  7. Aluminum Skin Roof
  8. Stabilizers included
  9. Dometic series 320 elongated ceramic bowl toilet
  10. All LED lighting
  11. All windows are fitted with fully boxed black-out Cellular Shades

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