Q & A

What is Instant HOME RV?

Instant HOME RV is a new patent pending, ultra-compact RV both as towable travel trailers and motorized RVs. Instant HOME RV is comparable in size with the smallest RVs on the market today (e.g.  Airstream® Flying Cloud® 19, Forrest River R-Pod RP-176T, Casita Independence, Escape 19, Big Foot 2500 Series). However, because of the innovative dual slide-out design, Instant HOME is comparable to a much larger RV in terms of the living square footage and functionality . Instant HOME design has virtually eliminated the claustrophobic feel of living in a long and narrow box typical of an RV, yet, the body width of Instant HOME is only 7 feet across vs. 8 feet wide of the typical RV. Which only means, among other things, you may not need mirror extensions when towing!

The Soloist 2019 Signal Grey_7004 Front Curbside Adjusted.png

Our recently introduced motorized Mercedes Sprinter based model is a class all by itself. There is not another Mercedes Sprinter based RV that will have a full wall slide-out! As recently as January 2nd, 2018, we was awarded the patents by the USPTO for this innovative design which has no equal! The model can have either a single full wall slide-out or a dual slide-out design as shown in our travel trailer models

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Price and Options? How do I place an order?

Our business model is to provide the best value to our customers. At the present, we are in contact with the potential major RV manufactures to provide you with the most valued products and the service support for your needs. Contact us and we will have our partners to have their dealers to send you design features and availability

How much do you ask for a deposit?

Please contact us for your personalized configuration and availability

How can I contact you?

You can E-mail us at InstantHomeRV@gmail.com. Your inquiries will be replied promptly.

How long is your warranty?

We offer a two year warranty against any manufacturing defects. Electronic appliances (e.g. microwave oven, refrigerator, power inverter, etc.) are covered by their own respective manufactures.  Normal wear and tear, neglect, and trail damages are not covered under warranty

How long is the wait?

Instant HOME is a complex design that requires a high degree of multi-discipline engineering expertise in metal fabrication for manufacturing. The rigorous principles of system engineering  and decades of engineering experience were utilized to design, build, tested and productized the design. Every single design aspect was painstakingly modeled in 3-D computer before fabrication to ensure form, fit, and repeatability for manufacturing.

Final Assembly