What is Instant HOME RV?

Instant HOME RV is a new patent pending, ultra-compact Travel Trailer. Instant HOME RV is comparable in size with the smallest travel trailers on the market today (e.g.  Airstream® Flying Cloud® 19, Forrest River R-Pod RP-176T, Casita Independence, Escape 19, Big Foot 2500 Series). However, because of the innovative dual slide-out design, Instant HOME is comparable to a much larger RV in terms of the living square footage and functionality . Instant HOME design has virtually eliminated the claustrophobic feel of living in a long and narrow box typical of an RV, yet, the body width of Instant HOME is only 7 feet across vs. 8 feet wide of the typical RV. Which only means, among other things, you may not need mirror extensions when towing!

Price and Options?

Our business model is to provide the best pricing to our customers. At the present, there is only one price for the base model which includes everything (see our Standard Equipment List for details) except applicable taxes and licenses. Delivery will be quoted separately upon request. Additionally, there is only one option to add onto the basic price, the bunk bed option. In the future, we may provide additional choices for different decoration themes but we are expecting to hold the same selling price.

How do I place an order?

In order for us to provide the best prices for our customers, we will have to produce the homes in quantity. As you already have seen, Instant HOME RV utilizes only the best components for our design. We have designed our product to last for many years to come. At the moment, we are launching the promotional pricing to commemorate our Kickstarter fund raising campaign. Our products will be produced in lots. We are currently planning for two promotional lot builds. The first lot will be designated as “Launch Customers” lot and is limited in quantity. Launch customers are entitled to a hefty discount. Next to the launch customer lot is the “Low-Rate Production Customers”  lot with a lesser discount. After these two lots. Normal pricing applies. Be sure to get your order in quickly with these two promotional lots. It will save you thousands of U.S. Dollars.

1.    To reserve yours, please send us an email to InstantHomeRV@gmail.com or fill in the order form on-line. We will assign a unique customer number to you and place you in the queue based on a first come first serve basis

2.    When the queues are filled, production will be initiated, at which point we will ask you to confirm your order commitment by completing an official Purchase Agreement that will need to be returned with your signature and the required non-refundable deposit

3.    After the receipt of your signed Purchase Agreement and the deposit, you now can watch your unit build started, literally. We will provide production build status in near real-time on this website

How much do you ask for a deposit?

Please contact us for your personalized configuration and pricing. Deposits are non-refundable.

How can I contact you?

You can E-mail us at InstantHomeRV@gmail.com. Your inquiries will be replied promptly.

How long is your warranty?

We offer a two year warranty against any manufacturing defects. Electronic appliances (e.g. microwave oven, refrigerator, power inverter, etc.) are covered by their own respective manufactures.  Normal wear and tear, neglect, and trail damages are not covered under warranty. Please see our warranty sheet for additional details.

How do we arrange delivery?

Pickup is at our plant; however, we can ship via common carriers. Costs of delivery will be quoted separately at the time of purchase. Please make sure to indicate your delivery requirements at the time of purchase.  On-site pickup allows us to verify with our valued customers on the functionality of the trailer and accessories. Please do not plan your family vacation trip based on the delivery date as it may change due to circumstances beyond our control.

How long is the wait?

Instant HOME is a complex design that requires a high degree of multi-discipline engineering expertise in metal fabrication for manufacturing. The rigorous principles of system engineering  and decades of engineering experience were utilized to design, build, tested and productized the design. Every single design aspect was painstakingly modeled in 3-D computer before fabrication to ensure form, fit, and repeatability for manufacturing.

Final Assembly

At the present, the anticipated lead-time is 6-9 months from the receipt of your deposit.